How I Met My Other - Cute Hat Boy & The Weird Girl

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“Learn about all the twists, turns, and fun of falling in love with this unforgettable true story anthology.

People find the warmth of love in Antarctica. An obsession with blondes lands the big one. Squashing a guitar case leads to a blanket fort date. A soldier works to snag a sassy WWII nurse. A revenge date gets serious. Spaghetti reels someone in and they never go home again. And much, much more!

Love can come at the most surprising times and in the most unexpected places. In this short story collection, fifteen authors share their incredible, heart-warming, and often hilarious true tales of how they met their other. “

How I Met My Other is out! I’m so happy to finally be sharing “Cute Hat Boy and the Weird Girl” with you all. It’s my first time writing something about my real life, and it was extra fun to be writing about such a special moment. Meeting and falling in love with my husband Matt <3

Was I a total fangirl?


Was I three hours late for our first date?

Uh huh.

Did I have any chill what so ever?

No… no i did not.

Let me take you back 10 years, to a crowded little college coffee shop where these two crazy kids fell in love.

”Cute Hat Boy and the Weird Girl - Paige has always thought of herself as awkward, but never more so when she sits on the cute boy's guitar case, crushing his instrument. Somehow the pair still connect and he invites her over to try artichokes, a food Paige has never eaten and is sure to make a fool of her, again. Paige must figure out how to play it cool but still be herself when the date progresses to its grand finale: blanket forts.”

Matt and I in 2009 standing outside of Natura.

Matt and I in 2009 standing outside of Natura.

Cute Hat Boy & The Weird Girl - Excerpt

As I’m waiting for my drink, I notice a boy smiling across the room, shooting arrows through my heart. I’m not the type to get overwhelmed by smiles from cute strangers, but I’ve seen this boy before—so often, in fact, that I secretly call him “Cute Hat Boy.” The “cute” part is self-explanatory. He has giant puppy-dog eyes and a glittering smile, dimples included. His shoulders are the kind you wish you could snuggle right into. The “hat” part refers to the fact that he always wears the best hats: hand-painted top hats, fuzzy knitted caps, even bowler hats like the one he’s sporting today.

Unfortunately, his smile isn’t directed at me. My heart aches as I watch him chatting animatedly with a cute girl holding a ukulele.

Lily hands me my drink before disappearing into the crowd to hang out with her friends. This place is nuts. Just looking around is gives me anxiety. “There’s nowhere to sit,” I complain as people squeeze past us. Heck, there’s nowhere to stand.

“Nah it’s fine,” Jessi says confidently, plopping down on the coffee table already cluttered with coffee cups and a hookah that the customers before us abandoned. She points to the old guitar case next to her.

“Neither of these are chairs,” I say, but she just shrugs. Natura is Jessi’s second home, so she’d know better than I would. Carefully, I sit down. The edges of the case are duct-taped together, and there’s a giraffe painted on the front. Everything Jessi owns is customized in some way. Her notebook of song lyrics is made from old cereal boxes, and there are scribbles on her shoes.

“You sure this is okay?” I ask again. I don’t want to ruin her guitar case.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

But it’s me, and I worry about everything. I sit lightly on the case—it’s honestly not very comfortable, but it gets me slightly out of the way of the crowd coming and going from the shop. I take a deep breath and take a sip of my Boba tea. The sugary honeydew flavor hurts my teeth but tastes good. People are fluttering around everywhere. With the constant motion is almost hard to focus on the conversation Jessi and I are having, suddenly her head jerks up to look at someone.

I follow her eyes, panic rising in my chest.

Cute Hat Guy stands like two feet from me. Why is he standing right here? And oh my God, why is he looking at me? And why is he so much cuter up close? His brown hair is a little shaggy, and it looks impossibly soft. I try (and fail) not to stare like a weirdo.

“Is this okay?” Jessi points to the guitar case, and I suddenly realize that this guitar case was never hers.



I’m sitting on the cute boy’s guitar case. This is the worst moment of my life.

I watch his adorable face twist into a hesitant expression, like he’s trying to figure out a polite response. But here I am, a total stranger, sitting right on his musical instrument.

“Yeah…just don’t—” he begins, then starts shifting his weight from side to side.

Just don’t what?

Just don’t crush his guitar?

Does this mean he thinks I’m fat?

No way. A normal-sized person could totally crush a guitar case.

Wait, could they? Oh my god. He thinks I’m fat.

The cute boy thinks I’m fat.

I need to leave. I need to go home. Tonight is cursed, and I can feel my face getting redder as he stands there and stares at me with his big, pretty eyes.

I open my mouth to speak, but words are so not a thing right now. And considering my current train of thought, maybe it’s better that way. I imagined trying to start a conversation with him dozens of times, but how could anyone bounce back from this? No conversation in history is ever going to go:

“Hey, how did you meet your husband?”

“Oh, I almost crushed his guitar with my butt.”

Did I really just daydream about marrying Cute Hat Boy? I need to get a grip. Get a freaking grip, Paige, I order myself . I need to do something- anything! But I’m too late. Once I snap myself out of it, Matt has already vanished into the crowd before I even have a chance to apologize.

“Oh hey, it looks like there are little stackable chairs in the back.” Jessi points to a stack of small stools in the corner. I’m mortified that we’re just noticing this now.


To get the full extent of my weirdness you’ll have to read the full story!

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Available in ebook, hardcover and paperback on Amazon

Hope that you’ll check out this adorable romance anthology!

It’s heartfelt, goofy at times, dramatic and romantic <3 A little something for everyone, and I’m so glad to be apart of it!

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