A New Website & Schedule Updates

Hello Everyone! 

Guess who has a new author website?! This will be my internet home for book updates, behind the scenes, and daily life diary-style entries. <3 I'm really excited! Currently, I'm sipping the rest of my coffee from from this morning, In hopes that it'll make me feel a little more awake. I'm in that sleepy, but happy kind of mood. It feels like it should be a Saturday. A coffee and cartoons kind of morning. But! I have lots of writing to do, starting with this blog post. 


Motivational Minute - Every Monday on Writer's Atelier's Youtube Channel There's so much I want to share, in my writing life and personal life. New short stories (which you can check out HERE and HERE) manuscripts that have been written, revised, and now are being re-written. It's been wonderful, stressful, overwhelming and calm all in the blink of a moment. (and sometimes, somehow, all at the same time.) 

One of the big updates has been, this year Matt and I bought our first house! We have been settling in over the past couple of months. (One of the reasons my upload/streaming schedule got a little wonky) We've been piecing together each room, slowly unpacking. And I really love the calm homey space we're creating together. This week I did my first stream in the office! I was really nervous that the wifi wouldn't be strong enough. To my surprise, we barely dropped any frames! Crazinessss. 

Which brings me to the first update! 

Virtual Write-Ins will resume live on twitch Tuesdays at 3 pm. 

We're going to try this time slot for a few weeks but might end up changing it to the morning or evening. But, Mondays will be the days for writing on twitch! For now, casual gaming streams will be popping up every now and then, and as we get more settled I'll probably choose a dedicated day for games/crafty streams. 

Other schedule updates!

Motivational Minute - Every Monday on Writer's Atelier's Youtube Channel

If you haven't started watching this series yet, we just hit our 50th episode!!! Motivational Minute is a 60-second writing pep talk uploaded weekly. Designed to cheer us all on for our writing projects! 

Free Reads every Wednesday & Saturday -Priscilla & The Pumpkin Prince

chapter 1.jpg

Updates every Wednesday & Saturday 

When I took a break from revisions on my current work-in-progress. I wanted to keep writing. I wanted to slip into something dreamy and romantic that I wouldn't have to overthink. That's where this story came from. On Halloween night a Prince rises from the pumpkin patch and meets Priscilla, a farmers daughter- and his future queen. 

The story takes place from Priscilla's point of view. After working at the state fair selling pumpkin pies and tarts, she thinks she'll never want to see another Pumpkin again. And then she meets her prince and everything changes. 

Ever since my webcomic Pumpkin Spiced ended I've really missed doing weekly content. Priscilla & The Pumpkin Prince will be running through the holidays, and until the story has finished over on my Wattpad. Since this is a lowkey free read, I'll be doing my best on the editing. But my goal with this story is to leave my inner perfectionist behind and just have fun with it! Which is freeing and a little scary if I'm being very honest.

If you'd rather read something more polished, my books are available on Amazon. ;)

So, the new schedule is... 

Mondays - Motivational Minute on Writer's Atelier


Tuesdays - Twitch Streams @3pm


(Edit: This will actually be starting Sep 25th)

Wednesdays & Saturdays  -Priscilla & The Pumpkin Prince 


Fridays - New Blog Posts

Daily updates on Instagram and Twitter- for book news, puppy pictures and random stream announcements! 

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I can't wait to share more with you next week! 

Till next time, 

xo Paige