4 Songs I listened to while writing "A Girl Called Monster"

Hey Everyone,

Music is powerful, it can make us cry. It can make us smile. It motivates us to have a cleaning dance party and vacuum the entire house. and best of all it can help us get in the mood to write. I listened to a lot of random music while writing my latest YA novel “A Girl Called Monster” it’s a modern-day Frankenstein story, but at its core, it’s a Coming of Age story. That being said, to set the different moods, and help keep me writing, my playlist was all over the place. I listened to everything from k-pop to musical soundtracks to oldies. So I thought why not dive in and share some of my most played songs with you!

1.Digital Witness by St. Vincent  – I think part of this was because of the music video, Annie Clark with her white hair and wide eyes made me think about my “Monster”. Helping me form a clear picture of her as I wrote through the scenes.

2.Putting on the Ritz by Irving Berlin – This was in a way… not by choice? Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, but it HAUNTED ME the entire time I was writing A Girl Called Monster- in fact, sometimes when I wasn’t even actively working on it, it would start to play on my Pandora station for Annette Hanshaw, and just like that scenes from the book would play in my head like a movie until I wrote them down. It happened so often that I had to write it into a scene in the book. (which also ended up being a fun little nod to Young Frankenstein)

3.Control by  Halsey – Another song that made scenes play through my head the minute I heard it. The lyrics-

“I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones”

Jumped out at me, and made me think about my main character. I’m not really sure why, something about them made me imagine her being sewn together in a lab, waking up and feeling like a stranger in her own body- It might have been “I’m bigger than these bones” but it hit me, and left me feeling inspired to keep writing.

  1. Monster by Big Bang – This song is just fun, and I feel like had to get an honorable mention. It’s upbeat, peppy, and helped keep me awake and alert at my computer and my hands typing at a steady speed. Coffee can only do so much!

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to while you’re getting in the zone? Leave your favorites in the comments, or tweet me links so I can give them a listen at @mrspaigelavoie

Xo Paige Lavoie